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A Splendid Cat Nap

Hello Splendid Sampler Sewers!

I'm very excited that today is 'my day' during the Splendid Sampler Sew Along! I hope you all will enjoy making my Cat nap block. As my speciality is embroidery design it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Cat nap block features a healthy portion of embroidery! You can find the block (and all other -temporarily- free blocks) on The Splendid Sampler website.

Because my cats, Milo & Maisie, always prefer to nap on quilts, I thought it would be a fun idea to make a block featuring a cat on a quilt. They also like to 'help' me when I'm making new quilts by sitting on blocks or trying out half-finished quilts.

This was one of the first sketches I made...

However, the initial design was far too detailed, the final version is much simpler and easier to adapt to suit your own taste. As it happens, just around the time I had to finalise my design, friends from Japan were visiting. This gave me the inspiration to add a Japanese twist to my block. To create the overal grid pattern in the design and the embroidered 'blocks' I used a running stitch, often used in Japanese Sashiko Embroidery. If you want to know how to make a neat, even looking running stitch and explore some running stitch variations, check out my tutorial.

Traditionally in Sashiko Embroidery a dark blue background is used with white thread. So if this happens to fit your colour scheme I would really recommend to use those specific colours. For more Sashiko inspiration, please visit my Sashiko board on Pinterest!

For the Cat nap block I made for the book I got to work with some very pretty Moda fabrics (Bloomsbury by Franny and Jane for Moda) and some lovely Aurifil embroidery thread in matching colours.

I can't wait to see how your Cat nap blocks turn out, so if you are on Instagram please tag me (I'm @followbunny) in your IG post! And if you enjoy my designs why not follow me on Facebook or sign up for my newsletter?

!GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! To make today extra special, I'm giving away a set containing all my iron on embroidery patterns! Hours of embroidery fun with The Most Excellent Party Bear, Princess and the Pea, Flower & Bird and the cute animals in their VW van (Wave Goodbye).

The winner will be randomly picked this Tuesday (2nd of October) and he or she will be contacted via e-mail or via their e-mail connected with Facebook (if you choose to enter with FB login). I will also put up a blog post on Tuesday announcing the winner.

If you're interested in these or other patterns or e-books I've made, please visit my shop. You'll receive a 25% discount on all Follow the White Bunny patterns and e-books if you enter code SPLENDID on checkout until October 17th 2018!

Click to enter the pattern giveaway

Good luck everyone!

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