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Easy DIY floss organiser

With every iron-on pattern I send, I add a round card with punched holes with my name and logo printed on it to the order. If you have ever received one, you may have wondered why I sent you a card with holes in it... It's for organising your threads in a project! You can write down the thread numbers as you add floss on the card. I thought it would make a practical, small gift for my customers. Unfortunately a misunderstanding with the printer left me with lots of round cards without pre-punched holes. This means I have to punch all the holes by hand, which explains why the holes are rarely evenly spaced!

I use simple office supplies like the double or single hole punch pictured above to make my floss minders. To make your own all you need is a piece of cardboard like an unused postcard, or a cardboard bookmark. If you want to add floss numbers etc. you can write them on the back. Another option is to print your own: I found some cute free printable floss organisers at Be Dzaltastic and over at Wild Olive.

And if you can't be bothered by the whole DIY thing, there are many modern alternatives available like this sleepy cat one or this Unicorn floss holder.

Happy floss organising everyone!

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