• Nicole

A furry update

Guess who celebrated her first birthday a few days ago? There were extra cuddles and a cat treat for our sweet Maisie and she was so adorable when she posed for her birthday photo session!

Progress on Maisie's portrait is a bit slow.... I'm far from finished but I did tackle a few difficult bits in the past weeks and I'm now fairly confident I will be happy with the outcome of this project. The colours and contrast in this photo are a bit off, the original embroidery looks more subtle. I will try to post a better photo next time....

I always find the nose especially challenging in these portraits, both choosing the colours and stitching the nose. In the end I just held up several skeins of floss to Maisie's nose to help me decide which shades matched her nose best!

p.s. my Cat Portrait Stitch Guide is still available for a reduced price!

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