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A new portrait

Last week I started a new cat portrait of my 11 month old cat Maisie. It's probably the most challenging portrait I've made so far. Maisie's fur pattern is very varied: a bit tabby and a bit mackerel and a good portion tortoise with white. So I pulled out lots of different shades from my floss boxes and still find it difficult to find the exact right shade!

The white fur isn't a problem. In my previous portraits I used a range of colours and shades to give texture and depth to white fur, ranging from example DMC Blanc for the 'whitest' bits to various shades of grey and beige to create a 'shadow effect'. However, to find the exact right shade of ginger/orange matching Maisie's fur is nearly impossible. So sometimes I have to settle for shades that are about right and focus on getting the fur pattern and facial features right.

P.S. if you're interested in more details about stitching a cat portrait, check out my Cat Portrait Stitch Guide. It's still available for a reduced price until May 10th 2018.

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