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Something new

After finishing my arctic hare embroidery I soon started a new project and (as you can see) it's again a fairly detailed piece. It's challenging and I already had to take out a lot of small stitches because my first take on the pearl necklace wasn't very successful. In each pearl I had used a number of shades and colours to suggest roundness and depth but the pearls looked flat and messy when I was done. Now I'm much happier with the pearls. The shiny-ness of satin stitch and light pink thread combined with a shadow effect in a medium green/brown colour give the perception of depth I was looking for.

Another new thing that I started is an embroidery group on Facebook. It's a group aimed at sharing your work, getting to know other embroiderers and asking questions. It's not about my patterns or to promote my stuff, just a friendly place online to get together. To keep things cozy I made it a closed group. If you'd like to join follow the link and answer a few questions (to keep out anyone not really interested in the subject). I hope to see you there soon!

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