• Nicole

Winter is coming

In the past few weeks I've been working on this winter-y pattern of an ice-skating polar bear. As always I try out my own pattern before I release it. Quite a few details have changed in the design compared to the initial drawing I made. The pattern on the sweater was too fussy to embroider for example and I changed it into a simpler design.

The furry stitching was fun to do and I'm thinking of writing a guide on how to do furry stitching my way. I partly covered the subject in both my e-books (so if you have those, you should be able to figure it out) and in an online class I hosted a few years back (aptly called 'Furry Nice') but a separate guide to the subject could be handy for some embroiderers.

Right now we're having an Indian Summer over here so winter does seem very far away... However, I'm aiming at finishing this pattern before the end of the month so you all have enough time to stitch your own polar bear before winter really arrives in the Northern hemisphere!

#polarbear #embroidery


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