• Nicole Vos van Avezathe

A Crafty Bear

I started this Crafty Bear project quite a while ago and pulled it from my WIP basket last week.

Initially I started stitching the fur with regular sewing thread. I really like how precise you can embroider furry creatures with sewing thread. Sewing thread doesn't cover the fabric you're stitching on very well, so you need lots of stitches for a fur without gaps. This bear is only a little under two inch high so it was do-able but still quite a lot of work. On its body I used (bulkier) embroidery floss, mostly just one strand though. The knitting needles are pins. It was quite fiddly to transfer the tiny knitting work (made on impossible-to-handle-but-small double pointed knitting needles) to the pins. Perhaps I will replace the bulky knitting by more delicate knitting in the future...

Wishing everyone a great weekend, hopefully you will have time to do something crafty too!

#bear #knitting #embroidery #furrystitching


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