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Tutorial: Detached Chain Stitch variation

In the next few months I'm planning to post some tutorials to introduce you to (or reacquaint you with) some fun decorative stitches. We are starting off with an easy stitch combination of the Detached Chain Stitch.

Start by making a Detached Chain Stitch (also known as Lazy Daisy Stitch). Make a loop with your embroidery thread on top of the fabric and anchor it with a tiny stitch at the top. Add two straight stitches at an angle on either side to create a flower-like shape. It's a simple but versatile stitch. By varying colour, size and placement (random or in a grid) you can create very different effects.

I think my grouped stitches look like a little flower garden! I'm creating a (square) sampler piece so next time I will add my new stitches the ones pictured above and hopefully in the end it will be a really nice looking sampler. :) If you'd like to stitch along with me (I'd like that!) then by sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with new tutorials! Feel free to tag me or use #whitebunnysampler on Instagram or Twitter, I'd love to see your Detached Chain Stitch variations.

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