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Princess and the Pea in Cross Stitch

As of today you can find a cross stitch version of my Princess and the Pea pattern in my shop (don't forget the code at the end of this post if you're interested in purchasing the pattern!). It is based on the Princess Embroidery pattern I have had in my shop for many years now. 'Translating' the embroidery design to a cross stitch pattern wasn't as straightforward as you may think. Designing a cross stitch pattern is quite different from designing a 'regular' embroidery pattern but it was a fun challenge. I especially enjoyed making all the different designs on the mattresses.

This is a photo of the design in process (I still have to take detailed photos of the finished design) showing a few of the patterned mattress up close. The finished design is about 6.5 by 4" so it's quite a big piece to stitch but the many different colours and patterned elements help to keep it interesting for the stitcher. :)

Included in my Princess and the Pea cross stitch PDF pattern is a four page chart as well as a thread colour list in case you fancy the bright colours I used. If you purchase this pattern before Saturday and use code PEA17 on check out you will receive a 20% discount! Happy Stitching!

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