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How to stitch a customised cat portrait

In an ideal world (well my ideal world anyway!) I would travel around the world and teach embroidery workshops everywhere. I'd love to sit and share my furry stitching techniques in Portland, New York, Sydney or Tokyo (to name but a few places)! Sadly that's not the case (although I'm happy to consider traveling abroad for workshops if there's interest...) and the closest thing I can manage to do is to put my tips and tricks to paper. That's what I did with the Cat Portrait Stitch Guide. It's like a 30 page workshop to stitch a customised cat portrait! I probably could also write 200 pages on the subject but I think I'll save that for a book. :) You can purchase the PDF from my shop and it's immediately available to download so you can start stitching today! Or tomorrow ... when the Cat Portrait Stitch Along starts.

The Cat Portrait Stitch Along runs for about 6 weeks and you can find a printable planner in the sidebar on the right (top). Join the special newsletter or Flickr group to keep up to date with the activities. And I will also be updating this blog regularly. I can not wait to see portraits of Wally, Mrs. Whiskers, Ofelia and Snickers (and all the other cats that have shown interest in the SAL!)

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