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Sew Random Quilt Block tutorial

About two years ago I joined the 'Double Dutch Random Sampler Quilt Along'. Last year things got a little quiet in the QAL, but recently we've started adding blocks our neglected projects again. There is no theme to this QAL except that we try and incorporate lots of different blocks into one quilt. This month it was my turn to come up with an idea. After reviewing Makoto Oozu's Cross Stitch book recently I got the idea to use a cross stitch pattern as quilt block pattern.

One of the patterns in the book was of a Ladybug and I thought it turned out rather well. As it wasn't my pattern to share (although I think you can reconstruct it without a pattern) I made a new pattern, inspired by the simplicity of a cross stitch pattern: the Sew Random Sampler Quilt Block. I hope you can recognise a sewing machine in this block. :)

How to make the Sew Random Block

To make this block you need:

- 28 x 2"squares of (background) colour A. I chose a selection of medium to dark grey fabrics.

-2 x 1.25" by 2.5" pieces of colour A (to make D)

-1 x 2.5" square of colour A (to make HST C)

-18 x 2" squares of colour B. I chose different light coloured fabrics with an orange print.

-1 x 2.5" square of colour B (to make HST C)

-1 1/4" x 2" piece of colour A (to make the needle D)

- scrap of fabric in any colour you wish to add the dial (E).

This block has a rectangular shape. If you prefer a square block you can add an extra row of colour A to the top and one to the bottom of the block. In that case you need an extra 16 x 2 " squares of colour A.

To make C, the Half Square Triangles, put the two 2.5" squares right sides together. Draw a line (with a pencil) diagonally from corner to corner on the back of one of the squares. Sew on either side (not in the middle!) of the line with 1/4". Cut the joined squares in the middle (on the pencil line). Press the two HST's and trim to 2" squares.

To make D (the 2" square with the needle) put one 2 x 1.25" pieces of colour A right sides together with he 1/4 by 2" piece of colour B. Instead of aligning the edges, place the narrow piece at a slight angle as indicated in the diagram above. Sew and press. Place the second piece of colour A on the narrow piece of colour B. Tilt it slightly as indicated in the diagram so you eventually will end up with pointy needle. :) Sew and press. Trim to make a 2" square.

Arrange the squares as indicated in the diagram at the beginning of this post and sew the squares together in rows of 8. Press seams in a way you prefer (open or alternate left and right side with each row). Sew rows together.

To make the dial, E, find a round shape you can use as template. I used a roll of sticky tape and Heat'n Bond (iron on adhesive) to iron the dial onto the finished block. I haven't sewn the dial on the block yet but I'm planning to do that by hand with a blanket stitch. There's an 'Easy Applique' and blanket stitch tutorial on my 'old' blog.

Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial! You can join the 'Double Dutch Random Sampler Quilt Along' group on Flickr, you don't have to be Dutch to join! Or you can just browse the photos for some quilty inspiration.

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