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Mega Mini Cross Stitch

Mega Mini Cross Stitch by Makoto Oozu (Cross Stitch & Pixel designer :) ) is Mega Fun! This book, featuring 900 cross stitch motifs, was available in Japanese before but now it is published in the UK as well! Makoto Oozu's designs are cute and hip and cover a wide range of themes. Different shops (sports, toys etc), with lots of different items, are highlighted. You'll find items like a (retro!) Nintendo game boy, sneakers and a collection of haberdashery as well as various animals. And if you are new to cross stitch then you'll find the basic techniques section has all the information you need. Easy to follow charts with DMC colour suggestions are included in the back of the book.

Photo by Rika Wada

The motifs are small, but cleverly designed and surprisingly detailed sometimes. You can group them or just stitch a single design. And because the motifs are mostly small they are perfect to make quirky badges and pins, or to add a fun detail to a bag or clothing. When I showed the book to my daughters they instantly loved the designs and had a hard time choosing which one they'd like to use on their coat or on a pin.

Together with my youngest daughter Luna (11) I made these cute buttons, following the charts but using the colours we had on hand instead of those suggested in the book. Luna stitched the hedgehog on 14ct black aida fabric, I used water soluble canvas to stitch the tiny squid on an emerald green fabric. I always find it so hard to get my stitches even when I use water soluble canvas though. And we definitely need to work on our button-making skills. :) We loved that the projects were quick to stitch and could be finished in one session. I'm sure we will use Mega Mini Cross Stitch often for all sorts of projects!

Mega Mini Cross Stitch even gave me an idea to use some of the designs for another, non-cross stitch, application, which I will hopefully share with you in July (if it all turns out well)!

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