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Simply Shading e-book is here!

This e-book started as an online workshop I hosted last year called Simply Shading. I know some people weren't able to join at the time and I regularly get questions about my shading techniques, so I thought it would be good to turn the content of the workshop into an e-book!

Simply Shading is aimed at modern stitchers starting out with shading. It has all the basic (and more) techniques and many tips and tricks. However, knowing how to technically perform perfect long and short stitches is one thing but. choosing colours and understanding how shading and depth in embroidery works, is another thing. I think this is what sets this book apart from others. The chapters Exploring Shading & Depth and Choosing Colours are aimed at understanding shading, instead of simply copying examples or emphasising perfect techniques (although precise stitching *is* important).

Besides the Flower & Bird pattern, two extra pattern sheets are included to practise your shading!

If you are interested in learning more about shading (and haven't done the Simply Shading Class yet) you can get the e-book now for just $14.99 (offer ends this Monday, then the price will be $19.99)!

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