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Cat portrait

Due to health issues I spent a lot of time resting on the couch in the past weeks. I did a lot reading (novels mostly and I read a book about how Roman emperors died, they seldom met their end in bed apparently) and after a while I naturally (re)turned to embroidery.

In the beginning of March I taught an embroidery workshop in which Aafke, one of the students wanted to embroider a portrait of her cat Jaap. Aafke had never embroidered before and obviously has a natural talent, because her embroidery turned out wonderful. That inspired me to stitch a portrait of my own cat, Milo and to start writing a guide to stitching a cat portrait!

Although I'm not new to furry stitching I found this project quite challenging. To start with I didn't have a good example (photo) to base my embroidery on. I used one photo to start with and used a lot of other photos to create this stitched portrait of Milo. It was interesting to learn all the subtle differences in the colours of his fur. The little things make a portrait I think. A little light patch on his grey fur, the non-symmetrical markings of his white fur and the particular shade of his eyes. To get the right colour floss for his eyes, I held a selection of yellow-green threads next to his head while he was awake (which isn't very often) and I found the perfect match!

I'm now writing down everything I know about stitching a cat portrait because I'm guessing more people would like an embroidered version of their pet. It's more special than a photo, and softer to touch too!

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